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Any number with an exponent of zero is equal to:


A : zero

B : one

C : that number

D : ten

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In the decimal numbering system, what is the MSD?


A : The middle digit of a stream of numbers

B : The digit to the right of the decimal point

C : The last digit on the right

D : The digit with the most weight

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Which of the following statements does NOT describe an advantage of digital technology?


A : The values may vary over a continuous range.

B : The circuits are less affected by noise.

C : The operation can be programmed.

D : Information storage is easy.

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The generic array logic (GAL) device is ________.


A : one-time programmable

B : reprogrammable

C : a CMOS device

D : reprogrammable and a CMOS device

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The range of voltages between V L(max) and V H(min) are ________.


A : unknown

B : unnecessary

C : unacceptable

D : between 2 V and 5 V

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What is a digital-to-analog converter?


A : It takes the digital information from an audio CD and converts it to a usable form.

B : It allows the use of cheaper analog techniques, which are always simpler.

C : It stores digital data on a hard drive.

D : It converts direct current to alternating current.

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What are the symbols used to represent digits in the binary number system?


A : 0,1

B : 0,1,2

C : 0 through 8

D : 1,2

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A full subtracter circuit requires ________.


A : two inputs and two outputs

B : two inputs and three outputs

C : three inputs and one output

D : three inputs and two outputs

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The output of an AND gate is LOW ________.


A : all the time

B : when any input is LOW

C : when any input is HIGH

D : when all inputs are HIGH

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Give the decimal value of binary 10010.


A : 6 10

B : 9 10

C : 18 10

D : 20 10

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